Vocabulary is the set of words a person needs to know in a language in order to listen, speak, read and write effectively.

It is important to improve your vocabulary in order to communicate well. Researchers have found a connection between our vocabularies and how we understand what we read or hear.


According to Howard Gardner at Harvard University,
"The most important and highest paid intelligence in our society is social intelligence. This refers to the ability to communicate, persuade and handle people. Vocabulary plays a very important role in this. A person who speaks powerfully impresses everybody. Great orators command a vast vocabulary, and hence they can express their opinions in a way that can influence listeners".


“Without grammar, very little can be conveyed. Without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed”.
- David Wilkins


“Change your language and you change your thoughts”.
- Kate Albrecht.

“Many studies have established the fact that there is a high correlation between vocabulary and intelligence, and that the ability to increase one’s vocabulary throughout life is a sure reflection of intellectual progress”.
- Bergen Evans

Knowing a word does not just involve knowing the dictionary meaning of the word. Knowing a word means knowing its meaning, spelling, pronunciation, the grammatical pattern that the word fits into, and also understanding the connotation in which it is used.
A word can be learnt by understanding its meaning, the context in which it should be used, knowing it’s spelling and listening to its pronunciation. However, in order to get accustomed to using a word fluently, it is important to practice using the word by incorporating it in your daily conversations.

Each word is packaged into a Video Card that can be played on any mobile phone that supports 3GP/MP4 videos

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Enrich Your English is a fun and effective way of broadening one's vocabulary through your mobile device, making use of its multimedia features. Enrich Your English is an English Language Learning program that helps you learn a new word every day along with its meaning and usage.

These video cards contain,

Stunning graphics to help communicate the meaning of the words most effectively.
Rollicking expressions and animations to help you remember the words.
High quality audio to convey the exact pronunciations.

These are organised in a way that guarantees that the words taught can be recollected and used in day to day business and lifestyle conversations. Extensive research is done by our team of experts, linguists, lexicographers, teachers and authors in picking these words for you.

Countless studies have proven that a strong command over language is directly linked to success in all areas of one’s life. Successful people have powerful vocabularies and they attain greater attention, respect and have higher self-esteems.

The ability to communicate, persuade and handle people (which is the highest paid intelligence according to Howard Gardner of Harvard University) can now be learned by anyone who aspires to achieve success in career and life.

A minute a day will enrich your vocabulary and grant you instant credibility and persuasive power.

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