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Expand the size and level of your English language speaking skills with Enrich English. Enrich English helps you learn new words and idioms every day along with its pronunciation, meaning and usage that can be used in your day to day conversations. The meaning of each word and idiom is explained in simple English and the usage is phrased by basic words to help you readily understand the meaning even with only a modest command of English. These words will help you become more proficient and take your English speaking skills to the next level.

These words and idioms are segregated under two levels of learning –
  1. Standard English

  2. Advanced English
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Learn words and idioms that make your every day conversations powerful and compelling. Standard English is an innovative and fun-filled product to help you improve your English vocabulary and communication skills. This level is exclusively for users with a basic knowledge of the English language and intends on becoming more proficient.

Target audience: Individuals with a modest command over English.

Acquire your silver tongue with these sophisticated yet practical words and idioms. Advanced English helps you build a powerful vocabulary and propel you to success. This level is for users who have a good command over the language but wish to take it to the next level.

Target audience: Individuals who wish to expand their vocabulary.

Display your caliber and radiate the image of power through your influential speaking skills.
  •    Individual learning

  •    Learning at user’s convenient time and pace.

  •    Easy access through mobile phone and web.

Enrich your English uses a unique three-fold method of training:
  •   Pronunciation

  •   Meaning

  •    Usage
of real life situations to make learning fun and easy.
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