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           Basic English

Set sail into world of English with this unique course designed especially for beginners who aspire to learn and speak the English language.

The Basic English course comprises of over 700 essential words that have been hand-picked to give you the best and most effective learning experience. These words are vital for everyday communication, be it personal or professional. Each new word is taught in the language of your choice to help in better understanding. This course guarantees faster learning and better conversations.

Target audience: Beginners with no prior knowledge of the English language.

  •    Individual learning.

  •    Learning at user’s convenient time and pace.

  •    Easy access through mobile phone and web.

  •    A user can learn up to four new words in a single session.
  •    The sessions are audio visual in nature and teach you the           meaning graphically along with the correct spelling, pronunciation and           translation of the words in the language of your choice.

  •    The words are used in dialogues to help you frame your own sentences.

  •    The vibrant animation helps in recollection of words for use in your day to           day conversations.